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Customers from almost every industry rely on Turgay Tüzün and VTT-Tresore. Our customers include private individuals as well as institutes, authorities or companies from the free market economy in Germany and internationally.

See for yourself which products and services we have used and delivered to some customers. Or keep in touch with our satisfied customers about the special quality of our comprehensive work. For this purpose, we make direct telephone contact, with the permission of our clients.










Special objects:
Object of the year 2004

We present here special objects that have been realized. This includes a vault space in huge dimensions (height: 9.50m, width: 13.40m, length: 23.00m, total approx. 350 tonnes) from CEN VIII modules. It was created for a British pharam group in modular and mixed construction. The safe-door had a height of 4.40m and a width of 2.50m.



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