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Investing in trust


Turgay Tüzün
 Dipl. techn. Betriebswirt

Safes contain things of great monetary or ideational value. We know how much confidence you put into your vault and therefore stick our entire experience into our business for many years.

Director, Turgay Tüzün, is Dipl. Techn. Betriebswirt And for 14 years in business with safes and value protection construction. Many years of experience in practice, which also benefits the safes as well as the customers. High quality and a high standard of service are just as central a credo at VVT as the highest degree of security for your valuables or documents.

Our safes, as well as our expanded range of services, consisting of value protection, transport and consulting, are the result of many years of expertise, as well as modern insights and quality standards.
On our vehicles we have completely renounced advertising, in order to guarantee you as a customer a bit of immunity.

You have the possibility to get safety to measure, so we also plan all safes according to your individual requirements. This is how you invest your trust in the right company and in the right safes at VVT.

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