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Refinement of safes: Distinctive feature of VVT Tresore

Why should a vault not fit into its surroundings, ie the ambience into which it is installed? Most of our customers want a safe way to keep valuables that are also optically high-quality. Our safes are more than just safety cabinets. VVT Tresore can be custom-made and customized. This applies not only to the color and shape, but also to fittings, code locks or shelves and compartments inside the vault. At VVT, you can design your vault as you wish. As well as our safes also keep valuables under control, you are free as a customer of VVT in the design of your desired product. Just contact us and we will take your special requests for your new “Design-Save”.

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Creative solutions as required

In far more than 14 years, which we already work with safes, security rooms and co., There have always been requests for individual design. Until now, we have designed a comprehensive service package of attractive design extras for our safes. Thus, you can order safes at VVT according to individual requirements and have the value protection cabinets equipped with special extras. Extras such as leather covers, wooden shelves or the very popular watch winders ensure even more comfort when handling our safes. You can have the interior of your vault lined with velvet, add drawers and let in design elements such as glass floors, watchcocks or ring compartments. For this, we can also offer you a special variety in the color scheme, so that you can design a safe which fits perfectly into your surroundings and thus your ideas: And also the functionalities of the safes from our company can be selected according to your individual needs Or even in the full width. Because we offer you to equip your desired safe with special handles, input units or payment knobs. Just everything, which is currently available on closure variants.

Individual equipment options as required

In addition to the individual dimensions, you can choose the following equipment options for your exclusive safe: – different model and design variants – different colors (high gloss, RAL color) – individual covers and shelves – different locking variants (code lock, electronic code lock Paxos, La Garde, etc .) We would be pleased to advise you and design your own individual safe together with you.tresor_modelle

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